Swim Tether

For teaching younger swimmers the basics of stroke mechanics and proper technique, Swim Tether is the perfect choice. Seniors also will enjoy Swim Tether's low-impact workout avoids the strains and injuries that other forms of exercise can cause.

Swim Tether helps build strength and burn calories, giving you the same benefits as lap swimming, but in 1/2 the time! In just minutes a day you can be on your way to a dynamic cardiovascular workout, a fit body with firm, toned muscles and the best endless swimming experience of your life.

There's no maintenance with Swim Tether. It's designed to provide long time of trouble free use. The fiber rod can be removed from the flush-mounted deck plate in seconds for easy storage. Swim Tether incorporates its own stretch cord for portable use at Condominiums, Apartments and Motel environments by strapping the cord to a ladder or rail at the pool facility.

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